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      Dear Entrepreneur,



Would YOU Like to Get up Close and Personal With The World’s Greatest and Most Successful Online Entrepreneurs?

Who Revealed…

Their Cash Generating Millionaire strategies!

Who Revealed…

Their Cash Generating Secrets!


     You will Discover Techniques that will Blow Your Mind!


     Guaranteed ways used by the absolute best in the business…make cash online in days…


 Even If You Have Never Made A Single Penny Online Before…


    14 World Leading Internet Marketers who have all made multi-millions with Cash

    Generating strategies. Proven, Tested, Easy to simple as A,B,C...



ü  Cash Generating Tactics that produce cash fast.

ü  Tested, Proven and Profitable.

ü  Checklists of what to do and HOW to do it…



    The “Cash Generator” Live Seminar DVDs, give you dozens of ways to make immediate

    cash with your online business, regardless of your previous experience...within days!


     Would You like to be a Millionaire? Who could say no?                    


     Here's the story...


    14 Internet Marketing Guru’s who have all made Millions Online reveal something they’ve

     never revealed before...YES...Something Special. 


    They blew the audience away, revealing…

                                              Their fast and simple cash generating formulas…

…then showed everyone how to exactly step-by-step


…In-depth instruction from these guy’s is PRICELESS!


Armand Morin

Armand is the King of Fast Money Tactics.

The reason he was the first choice is simple: he does this kind of thing every week!

Armand's company brought in over $15 million online last year.

Using Armand's system you can start a company from scratch and make as much money as you need or want. You just want an extra $5,000 per month? No problem. Want to build a $10 million company? Also no problem. With Armand's Way... it's up to you.  This is one session YOU won't want to miss!

armand pic 1.jpg


dr mike.jpg Dr Mike Woo Ming

Dr. Mike Woo Ming is a much in demand internet consultant and entrepreneur.

Once working a full-time income as a Mayo Clinic trained physician, Dr. Mike built a passive income by starting his own internet business while maintaining a 60 hour work week.

His companies have created over 80 information products in the last few years and maintains a seven figure income that started from his bedroom.

An expert in lead generation, he has personally generated over 700,000 leads in 11 different markets. Dr. Mike consults regularly with million dollar companies in the corporate world whilst still travelling around the world to sold out workshops helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs attain their own financial success.

Mike will focus on HOW to make money with lead generation.


Jeff Dedrick

For over 20 years, Jeff Dedrick has been a successful entrepreneur. From owning a DJ service while in college to eventually owning 5 restaurants and 2 fitness clubs, Jeff has enjoyed the freedom that comes from being self employed.

In February, 2005 Jeff decided to completely sell all of his offline businesses and move 100% online. He made that decision before he even started his first website or captured his first email subscriber!

He is the owner and creator of some of the hottest sites in Internet Marketing including his most recent sites:


Jeff will Show YOU How to Make Tons of Easy Cash as an Affiliate and Even Simple Ebook Creation Without You Doing A Thing


Steven Essa

A failed High School student, Steven Essa is now known as the 30k guy.

He has trained hundreds of people to do what he does and created the life of his dreams on the internet… generating $4000… $8000… and $18,000 in a single hour. (all without a product, website or a database)

Steven learnt through trial and error, "testing and measuring" so many elements of internet marketing that now, in a matter of minutes, he can create money with no database, no product and no website... produce an average 30% conversion ... and mentors and coaches in a way that makes people take action. What's more, he knows how to make it all super simple to understand.

Amongst Other Secrets, Steven Will Show You How To Make Money With Webinars.


John Jonas

John Jonas has a friendly, no B.S. manner and is a great presenter.

Like most of the presenters, he started and online business a few years ago and has made millions from blogging, teaching and speaking.


He is the creator of the “Living the 4 Hour Work Week” and how to replace yourself with outsourcing.


His presentation about outsourcing and how to replace yourself is ALWAYS one of the  most liked presentation at any seminar.


In describing his presentations, audiences use phrases like “that was exactly what I needed”, “the best presentation I’ve ever seen”, and “it woke me up…right after lunch!”


John Will Show YOU How To Make Money Using Cheap Outsourcing


Reed Floren

The Joint Venture Broker”

How to Never Work For Anyone Else & Retire Before Your Friends Graduate From College. This is the story of a 24 year old semi-retired marketer who spends most of his time with his family and friends, since his business is automated.

He has brokered hundreds of products for various marketers and speaking at different events including his own JV coaching program.

By March 2006 he was  making $30,000 a month on an article web site with Google AdSence advertising on them, spending a small fortune with Google to drive Traffic to his sites. Then Google shut him down which has happened to tons of marketers.

He bounced back fast, rebuilding his online business and success.

Reed Will Show YOU How To Make Money With Joint Ventures and Email Marketing.


YES… Everyone of these guys, are the best at what they do right Now… the strategies they reveal are way ahead of the rest of the industry and are proven CASH GENERATING strategies…


Saj P

Saj P (Saj Purkayastha) is a very successful Internet marketer who specializes in CPA marketing. Phil Mansour is his business partner.

Saj has released a number of how-to courses and information products that show people how to make money online. A few of these are Banner Ad Blue Print, Commission Payload (co-authored with Alex Goad), and The Site Rush.

Cost-per-action, or cost-per-acquisition, (otherwise called CPA for short) is the main focus of Saj’s most recent products.  CPA is a lead generation business model where the CPA affiliate earns commission for each referral they bring to a company. 

Saj will show YOU how to apply this technique


Alex Goad

As everyone knows, Internet Marketing Guru Alex Goad is the man behind the success of 4 award winning and record breaking products in the internet industry. His products that were top in the market was the Google Payload, Four Tier Annihilation, Players with Money and the Affiliate Payload System.

Alex Goad has already changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide by teaching them how to make money online. He is the author of several bestselling products within the internet marketing industry.

Alex Goad describes in to detail how YOU can write great sales copy and how to change the visitor in to a buying customer.


Kirt Christensen

Kirt Christensen manages over $1.9 million in PPC spending for clients worldwide, including Mark Joyner, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, and Ray Edwards.

He's been in the PPC arena since 1997 and built over 15 separate internet businesses, selling everything from paintball guns to diamonds.

He'll show you how to flood your website with targeted traffic in minutes, rack up thousands in new sales in a single day starting from scratch, and create streams of income that keep going month after month.  

Plus... Kirt shows YOU the exact tools and techniques he uses to manage the PPC campaigns of his all-star clients. If you want to, you'll be able to go out and start your own PPC Management business.

Or just keep these skills to yourself and build your own personal empire.


Mark Vurnum

Described by many on Internet forum's as an expert in lead generation, Mark Vurnum has written many articles on the subject and has been asked to speak at conferences and seminars telling others how they can earn money online by becoming involved in the lead generation business model. Mark has a newsletter and a membership site that he also uses as ways to help others learn the lead generation business.

Mark Vurnum's Lead Generation Retreat and Lead Generation Videos have created quite a stir in the Internet marketing world as he tells anyone who will watch and listen about how to make an online income in a fashion that is not the usual Internet marketing way. It is not about niche marketing or selling ebooks online.

 Mark Will Show YOU How To Make Money With The Niche Profit System


Shawn Casey

Since 1999, Shawn Casey has sold over $30 million of his premier media products, services and memberships that help entrepreneurs to start and grow their Internet businesses. His more than 130,000 customers in 119 countries have used his information, tools and resources to unlock the secrets to making their own fortunes online

Shawn’s ability to create and share successful business and marketing strategies is unparalleled. His background as an attorney, author, publisher, company owner, corporate executive, public speaker and teacher makes him uniquely qualified to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. That’s why eager audiences hang on his every word at high priced seminars.

 Shawn Will Show YOU How To Make Money With Tele-seminars.


Brett McFall

His no-cost marketing ideas have raised thousands of dollars for charity including $20,000 inside 5 days for CanTeen and $65,255 inside 3 weeks for SIDS & Kids, with just a simple email and an ‘ugly’ website.

Whether you're in business ... or want to be able to produce your own income at the drop of a hat while still working at a job ... Brett will show YOU the "magic keys" to create massive income using the internet. He runs 9 online businesses selling information products like DVDs, CDs and manuals. He is also regarded as a world-class sales letter copywriter.


David Anderson


David is founder of Anderson Dynamics, Leading Wealth Generating Marketers and holds his own seminars several times a year as well as workshops where he passes on his knowledge to students. He has developed many unique products and written and published hundreds of how info articals.

David will Show You How To Make Money With Direct Response Marketing


And Last but No Means Least !!


Mark Anastasi

Mark is a successful entrepreneur who has generated over $5,000,000 since starting his online business in 2004 and is a successful public speaker.

Mark shares his knowledge with YOU so that you will benefit the same way he has, without making the same mistakes along the way.

As Mark says, the best way to become a successful Entrepreneaur and to start Generating Cash is to START RIGHT NOW.

Mark will close off the seminar with "interviews" with past attendees who have gone on to Generate Cash of their own by adopting the techniques YOU will learn during the seminar...



YES…Its Amazing that 14 of the Top Internet marketers around today are revealing

something they have never revealed before... Something special !!!

They blew the seminar audience away by revealing…


One or two of their fastest and easiest cash generating formulas,
NO Theory,
...then showed everyone step-by-step exactly HOW they work...




In-depth instruction like this from these guys is PRICELESS!


     All of the presenters in the “Millionaire Series” Live Cash Generating

     Seminar had to pass the following criteria.


Why?...IF they ticked all of the boxes... THEN they qualify to join this select group


BECAUSE there would be no doubt as to the quality of the EXCLUSIVE content…



1. They had to be the real deal…..not only do they teach people to make money   online but they need to have made ££££ millions themselves

2. To be Included in the Dream Team line up they must have techniques and strategies they can share to Generate Cash Fast.

3. Each and everyone of them had to have a proven track record of personally teaching others to producing profits online using their methods.

4. And finally and above all, they had to be 100% trustworthy and poses the highest ethical standards.


        Sounds like the kind of seminar where you could be making money before watching the last DVD, doesn't it?.............That's the idea!


These breath-taking CASH  GENERATING strategies . . .

Make Money Daily almost on Auto-Pilot!


You’ll discover real life CASH GENERATING  stories Just like these…

Remember, these are ordinary people just like you!

Kunjal K. making over $1,000,000 a year on Clickbank!

Brian Wynn making over $700,000 a year selling information online

Gunnar Kessler, $14,000 a month had his first sale in just days

Graeme John, well over $10,000 a month, $1,500 per week in 90 days   

Matt Watson now taking $50,000 per month, 4k a month within 30 days

Ben Lowrey took his website to $25k per month in weeks going on to sell it for over an absolutely massive $500K

Sohail Khan, earned a monstrous Million Dollar Deal from his Internet business… a business he started from exactly where you are today



       Undeniable PROOF…

        Using the Fast Cash Strategies YOU Can Make Money Online This Month, This Week, Even TODAY… If

        YOU REALLY WANT TO!     


Mind blowing stuff, you have to agree…

       But let me tell you this, these results aren’t one-off’s… You see, normal everyday people (just like the

        guys you see above) are taking action and transforming their lives using these strategies EVERY DAY!   



      Let me ask you this…


     Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do everything you’ve always wanted?


Wouldn’t You Like To Be Able To Generate Cash  Like That

 In A Matter Of Hours

      … Be Honest Now?



      Hang on though, I can hear what you are saying and thinking…………’ve seen all this before haven’t


      I know…

      and that’s why this “Millionaires Series” Cash Generating Seminar is different…very different!

      Its not just another event with so called Experts or whatever you want to call them, preaching at you

      from a stage.

      It’s different because…

      One of the Presenters actually brings some of his own students on stage because they want to show

      everyone what they had learnt and what they have achieved.


      How they were making thousands using simple strategies, strategies affectionately called CASH

      GENERATING strategies!

      Get this though… and you may not believe it…

     They were once attendees at a Cash Generating seminar just like the Millionaire Series, every one of them

     a complete beginner and everyone of them making money within DAYS, some even HOURS of leaving the



     Ordinary people that consider themselves just 'average' human beings, thrust on stage to share how they

     came to an event just like this and went away and made money!

     This is probably the most powerful and insightful moment of the whole seminar…



No Experts, No So Called Guru’s,
Each One A Previous Seminar Attendee –
Just Like YOU… Check Them Out!


        You CAN have the same!

        And to prove it to you, for the very first time you’ll be shown systems that are completely different…

        at an event that was completely different…


         ... different because it was all about YOU, the man or woman at home, on the street, showing you how

         to make fantastic money at will, just like having your own cash machine at home!

         For the first time ever, One-time students, people just like YOU on stage with World Leading experts...


Students that once came to a seminar and

copied what they saw. . .


       And generated HEAPS OF CASH !

       Heaps of cash that has transformed their lives, the lives of their families… heaps of cash that mean they

       no longer have to worry about how to make that extra everyone wants!


       That’s what they did. That’s what YOU CAN do…right now!!


Turn your life around in weeks.


       You’ll discover the exact secrets that all of these guys used personally to generate millions £££


      They reveal EVERYTHING!

      Plus you’ll also receive the ‘Exact Blueprints’ those students and ‘Guru’s have used to generate

      Massive Incomes for themselves!


The Cash Generator   Formula’s Will Give YOU The Freedom To Choose… How would your life change’… if you knew you could generate cash overnight?


       Everyone of these online marketing experts have been teaching students HOW TO GENERATE CASH

       online and I always hear that they are constantly amazed to receive emails from many of them saying

        just HOW quickly and HOW easily they've managed to create life-changing incomes for themselves...


       Often within days, sometimes even hours of leaving the seminar room!

       These ordinary guys were GENERATING CASH… .

        It’s Incredible what you can achieve when you really want or need to…


        You can continue doing what you’ve always done…


        A sure fire guarantee that you will also get what you have always had.


        Or you can finally choose a new path. Take control of your life.


      The choice is yours…Take action NOW.


IF YOU NEED MORE CASH…This Is YOUR Chance To Transform Your Life… The CASH GENERATOR Seminar Will Reveal To YOU Exactly How To Get It…… Step-by-Step… No Bull!


     And the best part...

     You don’t have to spend 3 days in London and lots of £££££, you don’t need to organize a hotel to stay at

     and you don't need to take lots of notes!


     You can discover every single easy to follow Cash Generating secret from the comfort of your own

     home…Watch and learn at your own pace… you can copy absolutely everything.


    This seminar was packed to the rafters (there were over 350 attendees) with people hungry to devour

    every ounce of cash generating, bank account flooding information on offer!




     Quite simply, no one has ever given away so many ‘Guaranteed Cash Generating Secrets’…

     Real People, Making Real Money Online… everyday!


     You will see cold hard evidence that YOU can make money after only 3 days of training… 

      Proof everyday ordinary people are making shed-loads of cash… whenever they want!

     Your chance to discover these secrets for yourself, secret strategies that can Transform YOUR Life!


Every Single Minute Of This Unique Cash Generator  Money

Fest Captured For You!


       Are you ready, do you want more?

       More cash to pay off those credit card debts, cash to pay for a holiday, cash to pay for a new car,

       cash to pay for a treat for your kidsCash to pay for virtually anything...


        Lets show you how . . . Live on DVD, right in front of your eyes.


want to know the ‘Secret’ of creating

Cash Overnight


Then…You NEED To Grab Your Copy Of The

Cash Generator  Seminar DVDs …



  This never to be repeated seminar and the package I’m offering you today could quite literally change both your life and your bank balance...overnight!


     The amazingly powerful information revealed in this unique offer will allow you to stop anyone dead in

      their tracks…


     I should hold a gun to your head and demand you hand over what would’ve been a bankrupting amount

     of cash to get your hands on these DVD's.


     Little do they know you’ve been armed with Cash Generator Strategies that’ll allow YOU to generate any

     amount of cash YOU record-breaking speeds!


     Strategies like… well here’s just 9 to be going on with…

 Generate Cash… with eBooks

 Generate Cash… selling services

 Generate Cash… selling absolutely NOTHING!

 Generate Cash… blogging

 Generate Cash… Twittering

 Generate Cash… using You Tube

 Generate Cash… through MySpace

 Generate Cash… simply by being online with an email address!

 Generate Cash… in ways the non-experts will PROVE work


         Fast Cash… look there’s loads more packed into these DVD’s (about 42!) but you’ll have to watch to


         Imagine making £30,000 working just 1 hour a day!

        Talk about fast cash… how many hours would you have to WORK to earn that much right now?

        These strategies are so simple… you’ll wonder why you ever struggled to make money online…


All you need to REALLY WANT . . .IS MORE CASH
Oh, and an Internet Connection of course!


IMAGINE having…





To be able to literally…


Turn your life around in weeks ?


     Now, here’s the thing…

     It’s your decision, but you’ve missed out on discovering The Millionaire Cash Generating Strategies



Don’t Miss Out Again!
Only 50 Sets Remaining




     This could be the last chance you get to discover these secrets all in one place.

     You see… This seminar is not being repeated


     And I won’t be repeating this offer…


     There are only 50 sets remaining and I will NOT be producing any more…


     Cash Generation Strategies are only available to Action Takers…who are ready to make money

     NOW learning from the best in the industry.


     Join the hundreds of other ordinary people now living lives of abundance all as a result of grabbing an

     opportunity with both hands and not letting go until you’ve got the result you want…


     Just to make the decision even easier for you check this out




     This event was unique and will not be repeated and I guarantee you don’t want to miss these secret

     strategies again…


     Will YOU join these expert marketers, former students turned mastermind marketers in the amazing world

     of Cash Generation?


     Or are you going to continue to live a life of what if…


     It really doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before… I guarantee if you really want to make cash online these

     proven Cash Generating strategies will blow you away and put an end to disappointment forever!


    Here’s to your success and to hearing your Cash Generating success stories…

    Who knows, you might even be speaking at the next event!


     So here is what’s on offer:-


A Totally Unique…

“The Millionaire Series” of Seminars

Proven Cash Generating  Strategies…

That’ll Get ‘Cash’ In Your Pocket FAST!

‘Pocket-Busting’ Content…

… So Simple You’ll Generate Cash Fast!

15 ‘Wealth’ Packed, Life Changing DVD’s

Over 20 hours of PRICELESS never before revealed secrets!

Revealing to YOU the easiest & quickest methods for
Generating Cash...

It’s like having access to your very own Cash Machine!

With ONE difference… YOU control how much you withdraw!

There Is…NO LIMIT To What You Earn!

Listen and COPY the Cash Generating Secrets of people like…

  • Armand Morin
  • Brett McFall
  • Reed Floren
  • Jeff Dedrick
  • Dr Mike Woo Ming
  • Shawn Casey
  • Alex Goad
  • John Jonas
  • Saj P
  • Steven Essa
  • Kirt Christensen
  • David Anderson
  • Mark Vurnum
  • Mark Anastasi

Oh, and don’t forget the ordinary guys… now making Massive Incomes Online
after making one simple decision, to…

You have their permission to blatantly COPY everything!

The most difficult decision you’re going to have to make is…

Which Cash Generator  strategy You’re Going Use..?

Heck, Why Not USE THEM ALL… It’s YOUR Choice!

Take ACTION Immediately


                     APPLY NOW




     Remember, it’s your decision, but you’ve missed out on discovering The Cash Generating once…

And There Are Only
Only 50 Sets Remaining

     This could be the last chance you get to discover these secrets all in one place, you see…

     This seminar will not be repeated

     This offer will not be repeated…

    Cash Generatoring Strategies are only available to action takers!…who are ready

      to make money now from The BEST Way To Make £30,000 In 30 Days



 cash gen cover 3D.jpg

 Caah dvd 2 3D.jpg



disk 3.jpg

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disk 3.jpg

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disk 3.jpg

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disk 3.jpg

disk 3.jpg


disk 3.jpg


           An amazing 15 DVDs of some of the Best Marketers online today…Can

YOU believe this?


     So far then you’re getting Cash Generator strategies guaranteed to make you money online fast...

      You’ve also got my 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee, removing absolutely all risk to you…

      My aim is to help you make money at lightning fast speed even if you’ve never earned a single pound



      So to make sure that happens I’m going to GIVE you some of the hottest cash generation products

      available today…


      For FREE… with just ONE catch...



4 Awsome Cash Generating Bonuses


Bonus #1

Internet Marketing Home Study Course

How to Generate £15k every month from Working at Home

Cash Generator UK 5 DVD Home Study Course

Fantastic Compliment For the Cash Generator Seminar


Value £197.00


Bonus #2

2 DVD Set Of The Master Motivator Pat Mesiti. Regarded as a

Top Income Acceleration Coach.

Pat Speaks at Seminar’s and Workshops across the Globe and these were recorded in the UK at a Millionaire Series Seminar


Armand DVD_CD_pic.jpgArmand DVD_CD_pic.jpg


Value £147.00


Bonus #3

2 DVD set of Bob Proctor Live at A UK Millionaire Series Seminar. Bob is Undoubtardly Bob is one of the Foremost Marketing & Motivational Coaches.

 Bob has helped thousands of students achieve their full potential by creating the mindset to achieve it. He has been involved in creating many programs such as 6 Minutes to Success, Be a Magnet to Money & The Secret.

Armand DVD_CD_pic.jpgArmand DVD_CD_pic.jpg

Value £147.00



Bonus #4

Ebook – Resell Rights Profits Exposed by Anthony Wilson.  A Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Reseller, Types of Resell Products and Tips on Resell Rights.




Value £47.00


An Incredible List Of Bonuses Worth over £538.00


This Amazing Cash Generating Seminar  Makes It As

Easy As A,B,C… I Guarantee It!


    The decision is yours…

    Marketers using these strategies regularly take well in excess of $50,000 in a single day…

    generating cash online these days is so easy any child could do it!

    The tools, the secrets - It's easily accessible to anyone, to you!

    Just copy & paste and activate… then simply sit back and watch the cash pour in.

    I nearly forgot… the catch I mentioned?

    I only have 50 sets of the Cash Generator DVD’s available, why?

    These strategies are so simple and so Fast; I only want you to have them IFyou’re actually going to do

    something with them!  

    These are EXCLUSIVE and not for ‘seminar junkies’ and sceptics who will do absolutely nothing with it…

    So we have made only 50 sets…there won’t be any more… EVER!

    I figure only those people who really want to change their lives and earn massively working from anywhere in the world will get the chance to see this stuff…

    You’ve seen the proof, normal people making insane amounts of cash in crazily short periods of time,

    guys just like you…

    Action takers!

    Now those bonuses I mentioned… these are to help you make cash even faster, they’re like the turbo-

    charger on a Ferrari!


    ONLY 10 People Will Get The Free Bonuses 


    Will you be one of them?

    If you take action NOW chances are you will… so get your skates on and make the right decision.

    I honestly believe there has never been a better or easier time to get involved in Internet and direct mail


    Will this be your year? badge_act-now_1_orange.png


Apply NOW for just £497


Yes, Yes, Yes.


I Missed This Amazing Event Once… I’m Not Missing Out Again, Please…



                 Rush Me My Copy Of…  


                               The Millionaire Series


"Cash Generator" Seminar Immediately


I’m totally amazed by the action taken by the previous seminar students and absolutely blown away by the results they’ve achieved… some within just days of
attending one of the Cash Generator Seminars!

I want to make sure I get a copy of this completely unique event so…

I can Copy these strategies and apply them
to my life this week!

I Understand this is the ONLY place where I can get all these Proven Cash Generating Strategies in one place and don’t want to miss out…

I understand you won’t be repeating this event EVER!

I can’t wait to get started… please don’t hesitate in dispatching my DVD’s

Including my exclusive bonuses


Apply Today: £497.00 + VAT


Remember ONLY 50 Sets Available!





    This event was completely unique and will not be repeated, I guarantee you don’t want to miss out on

     these secret strategies again…


The event itself was

and I only have 50 sets of the recordings available…


    Will you join these expert marketers and students turned mastermind marketers in the amazing world

    of The Millionaires Series Fast Cash?

    Or are you going to continue to live a life of what if…

    It really doesn’t matter what you’ve tried before… I guarantee if you really want to make cash online

    these proven Cash Generator strategies will blow you away and put an end to disappointment forever!

    Here’s to your success, I look forward to hearing your Cash Generating success stories…

    Who knows, you might even be speaking at an event soon!


           Kind Regards


          Simon Hubbard

          Ascend Publishing Ltd

      Ascend Marketing - Find me on


14 # 1 Strategies For Making £30,000 in 30 Days Starting From Scratch!

FASTCASH  As you need it!




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